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Fall Cooking Is Here Again

I love this time of year when the air cools down and those chilly mornings stir up thoughts of luscious hearty food roasting in the oven wafting through my kitchen and home. I can just smell those rich aromas as I prepare my shopping list. I think of soups, stews, and carrying bags of heavy squashes and other root vegetables from the farmers’ market. I am ready for the kitchen to heat up!  Are you?

The roasted chicken and plums recipe featured in the picture is super easy. I adapted it from Melissa Clark’s NY Times recipe.  I added sliced plums rather than figs as the season for figs is now over.  I used local prune plums the first time and then red plums I bought at Whole Foods.  The red plums were more flavorful.  I also used fresh hot peppers from a friend’s garden and rosemary from my own.  It was delightful!  I wish I had added more of the plums as they turned into succulent pillows of sweet, caramelized bites that went well with the flavor and texture of the roasted chicken.  Did I mention how EASY this recipe is to put together? It is elegant and tasty enough to serve while entertaining and best of all, it is a one-pan or one-sheet dinner! Choose your favorite chicken on the bone—breasts, thighs, drumsticks and get cooking!  This is one easy but over the top delicious dinner!

The recipe can be found here: Roasted Chicken with Figs


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