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Finding Feta

I love the crumbly soft texture of feta cheese, and combined with the tangy kick, it is a winner in my eyes.  I love it in summer salads of any kind—watermelon, cucumber, beet, or tomato—so easy to fold in or crumble over.  Add just a splash of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ribbons of mint or basil, and you have an easy, tasty salad that tastes like summer! It is perfect on crostini as well with a sprinkle of sea salt and herbs, fresh or dried.

Blocks of feta, one sheep, one goat.

Feta is typically made form sheep or goat’s milk and stored in a whey brine. It is lower in fat than other hard cheeses, yet it has more protein per ounce.  In fact, a quarter of the calories come from protein. Feta can often be tolerated by those sensitive to cow’s milk.  Another reason I like feta in my summer salads is that the sheep and goats  are generally grass pastured fed, making their milk more nutritious with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K-2 ( needed for bones , brain, and heart), and conjugated linoleic acid (a cancer fighter and metabolism booster). Feta is also high in calcium, vitamin B-12, and other micro minerals.

Try feta in your salads for a tangy burst of creaminess and nutrition!


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