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Ten Ways To Beat Holiday Excess

It is that time of year again when life gets hectic with all the celebrations and shopping. By the time January comes around, we need a big stress recess from all that excess the season brings on. No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, here are ten nutrition and lifestyle ideas to help you get through the holiday parties with less stress and excess. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Instead of a slice, try just a bite

1. Follow your normal routine as best you can on most days eating sensible foods and portions and squeezing in both exercise and adequate sleep

2. Have a pre-game plan; don’t go to the party starving as that is a sure-fire way to blow it and eat more than necessary; instead eat a healthy snack beforehand such as an egg, avocado, yogurt, half a protein and veggie shake, or hummus to take the edge off

3. Think of the celebration as a time to connect with friends and family rather than as an open buffet and bar to go wild and splurge

4. Be mindful of what you are eating and drinking, knowing that alcohol can increase your appetite and cloud good judgement when it comes to choosing foods and portions

5. Go for quality calories and choose more veggies, grilled proteins, shrimp cocktail, sushi, olives, nuts, or deviled eggs over those foods that are less nutrient dense or healthy; of course, pick out one or two holiday indulgences you have been looking forward to all year and enjoy it bite by bite by truly experiencing it and enjoying its flavors

6. Be mindful of your hunger and fullness ques; eat at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 (from starving to stuffed); remain mindful as you survey the food and choose foods that enhance your health and energy rather than your sweet tooth

7. Ask before you nibble: is this really worth it? After the first bite, tune in to see if it is delicious enough to take a second bite—you may surprise yourself with the answer…

8. Stay hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages and don’t overdo the liquor; some alcohol may be fine but know it increases indulgences and spills over to the next day once you do overindulge

9. Don’t shame yourself if it all doesn’t go as planned; the next meal can be your reset! Move more!

10. Be present and enjoy the event and the company of friends and family; participate with mindfulness and senses open; after all, the holidays are only once a year, so laugh and connect!

Yes, being mindful while you see delicious foods and champagne in front of you may seem downright difficult, but with some practice you will be surprised that you can rein in your appetite and eat and drink for your health. Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season and to 2019!


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